The Bad Sneakers Orchestra

The Bad Sneakers Orchestra, A Steely Dan Tribute Band

The Bad Sneakers Orchestra is a 14-piece Steely Dan tribute band made up of some the finest studio musicians in Chicago. Their mission statement is to re-create the classic recordings of "the Dan" live, which they've done since first taking the stage in 2011. The band performs at clubs and theaters throughout the Chicago area, and never fails to get the crowd up and on their feet with spot-on covers of "Peg", "Hey Nineteen", and "Reelin' in the Years". Their playlist now encompasses all of Steely Dan's hits, as well as fan favorites and album tracks like "Bodhisattva", "Aja", and "Gaucho". The band's vocal frontman is Chicago R&B legend Stevie Robinson (formerly of the Chicago Catz) who brings a crackling intensity to the familiar SD repertoire. The background vocals lineup includes the amazing singer Michael Harvey, whose professional credits include 2 Steely Dan albums and Donald Fagen's solo album "Morph the Cat".

Link to BSO at 27Live last Thanksgiving with a packed house
Link to BSO performing "Rikki Don't Lose that Number" in the studio

Aja Sample Hey Sample
Time Out Of Mind Sample